Your Weekend On The Hill

Cider Week in Virginia! Gone are the days of cloyingly sweet ciders that people drank grudgingly, only because they weren’t fans of beer. Now you can be an unabashed cider lover, as local brewers now offer craft ciders that taste more like dry, fruity hybrids between apple juice, champagne, and white beer.

The Richmond Cider Celebration is the big bang kickoff on Saturday at the 17th Street Farmer’s Market just down the hill. For $20, you have access to ten different ciders, with a la carte food and apple juice for sale separately. Don’t forget to take advantage of the city’s fairly new Uber presence for a safe ride home. 11am – 4pm • 17th and Main Streets

You’ll be able to get a special cider cocktail for Cider Week at various local restaurants, including the Hill’s own Roosevelt and Metzger.

Union Market lets Bell’s Brewery take over the taps on Saturday at 4 pm (that’s just after the Cider Celebration ends!). They’ll be hawking five original brews, including the ever-popular Two Hearted and seasonal Winter White. 4pm • 2306 Jefferson Ave.

For nonalcoholic things to do, take the kids, the dogs, or just yourself up to Libby Hill or Jefferson Park for pretty, foliage-appreciating views of the city. Those leaves won’t be around forever!

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