East End Revitalization : Creighton Court Redevelopment

This transformation effort, led by the City of Richmond, Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, and The Community Builders, Inc. is a strategic redevelopment and revitalization priority that includes the multifaceted and phased transformation of Church Hill North and RRHA’s Creighton Court public housing communities and surrounding corridors into a vibrant, mixed-income, mixed-use community.

Consistent with U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development’s ( HUD’s) Choice Neighborhood Initiative, the revitalization strategy is organized around three key areas of impact–Housing, People, and Neighborhoods:

Housing–Transforming distressed public housing into energy efficient, attractive, mixed-income housing

People–Supporting positive outcomes in health, education, safety, employment for residents of public and privately-owned housing

Neighborhoods–Converting poverty areas into mixed-income, healthy communities with viable schools, services, and access to jobs.

Since efforts began in 2013 the City, RRHA and TCB have remained focused on and committed to the following guiding principles:

Working Principles for Neighborhood Revitalization

  • Mixed-Income, Housing types and tenure
  • Appropriate Housing Types and character
  • Quality Design and Construction
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • An Inclusive Community-based approach

Working Principles for Creighton Homes Revitalization

  • One-for-One replacement
  • “Build First”
  • High Quality Mixed-Income Neighborhood
  • Leverage Nine Mile Road as a Gateway, Corridor and Economic Development Engine
  • Implement a robust “People Plan” to support residents’ success
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