Church Hill North Transformation Moves Forward

Church Hill North Transformation Moves Forward 

Meet Torti Gallas and Partners, the architectural and planning firm involved in the project

Torti Gallas and Partners (TGP) is partnered with The Community Builders (TCB) and the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) to create a plan and vision for the redevelopment of Creighton Court, beginning with the new development on the Armstrong High School Site.

TGP has designed over 450,000 housing units and planned over 750 urban and suburban neighborhoods and communities.  These include successful, award winning neighborhood revitalization projects from Washington DC to Milwaukee and Los Angeles.

“We’re excited to be involved in the transformation of Richmond’s East End communities.” Said Murphy Antione, principal at TGP.  “We are committed to community engagement and feedback as a critical component of the design process. We will synthesize the feedback that has already been gathered and incorporate it into the design alternatives and solutions as part of an ongoing dialogue throughout the design process.”

TGP holds to a series of essential design principles, which include:

  • Holistic solutions – TGP will use our Spectrum Design platform, which delivers Livability from “Concept to Life” by addressing Natural Systems, the Built Environment and People.
  • The inextricable link between Architecture, Urban Design and Planning
  • A Mix of Housing Types – There will be a variety of sizes, income eligibilities, and rental and home ownership opportunities.
  • Appropriate Design – The new housing will be a scale and character that complements the existing context of Richmond’s East End.
  • Quality Design and Construction
  • Public/Private Partnership – TGP will work with all stakeholders including residents,  neighborhood groups, local businesses, the City of Richmond, and institutions such as Bon Secours to create a plan that everyone can support
  • An inclusive community based process – This will build on the efforts already begun by the City, Bon Secours, TCB with Storefront for Community Design and Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Creighton Revitalization will adhere to even more specific principles:

One for One Replacement – Every home displaced at Creighton Courts as part of the Revitalization will be replaced with a new home for the 21st century; there will be no net loss of housing.

Build First –  New housing will be built before any old housing at Creighton Courts is removed.

Develop a high quality, mixed income neighborhood

Leverage Nine Mile Road – It can serve as a gateway corridor and economic development engine for the East End.

Memorialize the history of redeveloped and revitalized sites

The redevelopment of Church Hill North will take months and perhaps years before the physical fruits of the revitalization are realized, but the team is committed to a process that continually moves forward towards that goal and takes advantage the time available to develop and maintain close communication with all stakeholders.  In the near term, the City, TCB and TGP will be holding a  series of public meetings in September to gain additional public feedback on the project design.

The Torti Gallas team includes Murphy Antoine, Troy McGhee, Siva Venkataramani, Alice Enz, and Delma Palma. They look forward to hearing your ideas and input.

Murphy Antoine

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