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Shopping and Eating Amid History in Richmond, Va.


For decades, the 18th-century Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Va., has been a don’t-go-after-dark spot. One of the city’s oldest residential enclaves, its historic townhouses, gas lamps and St. John’s Church — where Patrick Henry proclaimed “Give me liberty” — have long been tended to by a small band of passionate preservationists in an area… Read more »

A field trip to Norfolk

DSCN0130 RVA Presentation

How often do you see public housing residents, East End neighbors, senior staff from RRHA and the City of Richmond, and elected officials sitting together on a bus? Well, I had the chance to tag along for their visit to Broad Creek Renaissance, a revitalized community where low-income individuals and their families receive catered supportive… Read more »

Your Weekend On The Hill

Cider Week in Virginia! Gone are the days of cloyingly sweet ciders that people drank grudgingly, only because they weren’t fans of beer. Now you can be an unabashed cider lover, as local brewers now offer craft ciders that taste more like dry, fruity hybrids between apple juice, champagne, and white beer. The Richmond Cider… Read more »

Brewing a Movement: Being Heard When Your Voice is the Smallest


The community had heard about the corner lot at the foot of Fulton Hill that was being eyed as a site for Stone Brewing Company’s first East Coast operation, a mammoth production facility that would effectively double Virginia’s annual beer production.