Our Partners

Church Hill RVA is an ongoing effort among a small group of entities dedicated to growing and strengthening one of Richmond’s most vibrant communities.

This website is an opportunity for the organizations driving Church Hill RVA’s actions can communicate our most recent initiatives, progress being made, and plans for the future.

Meet the organizations behind this revitalization effort…

4EF77AF7-40BC-41C5-A164-01672C31FF02@homeCity of Richmond Department of Economic Development
The Housing and Neighborhoods Division of the Department of Economic and Community Development is comprised of Neighborhood Planning and Block Grant Administration. The Division’s primary focus is to manage and promote neighborhood revitalization and stabilization efforts by involving residents and other stakeholders in the planning process. Neighborhood planning staff manages several programs designed to enhance the vitality of the city’s neighborhoods including the Neighborhoods in Bloom Program and the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Collectively, these programs strengthen communities, increase homeownership, promote attractive affordable housing and reduce blight.

Bon Secours Richmond Community Hospital
bon-secours-logo-colorSince 1907, Richmond Community Hospital has been serving the needs of Richmond residents. We have been honored as a top performer for ER patient satisfaction and earned recognition for improvements in patient care and safety from the Institute for Health Care Improvement.

We offer a dedicated unit for acute psychiatric care and detox stabilization, including 24-hour emergency psychiatric evaluation. Our world-class physicians are experts at treating a wide range of medical conditions, but we also believe in treating the whole person. Our Mission is to deliver compassionate, quality health care to every patient, every time.

Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority
imageRichmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the largest housing authority in the state. RRHA, a property management and real estate development company, provides quality affordable housing and leads community revitalization efforts throughout the City of Richmond.

RRHA, through its Property Management and Assisted Housing rental housing program, serves nearly 10,000 residents in approximately 4,100 public housing units and through the Housing Choice Voucher Program (also known as Section 8) provides housing assistance to nearly 3,000 families.

Through its real estate and community development initiatives, RRHA offers homeownership opportunities and leads neighborhood redevelopment and conservation programs throughout Richmond in partnership with the City.

E07FA48F-B180-43A3-8818-89BAC58958A6@homeThe Community Builders, Inc. (TCB), one of the most accomplished non-profit organizations in the country. Our mission is to build and sustain strong communities where people of all incomes can achieve their full potential. We are multi-faceted and experienced urban place-makers. In our 50 years of service, we have successfully completed 320 projects and 25,000 housing units in 15 states and the District of Columbia.