Meet your school superintendent, eat a sandwich


This Thursday, March 24th, all Mosby Court residents are invited to come by Mosby Community Center for sandwiches and superintendents. Well, just one superintendent: Richmond Public Schools’ Dr. Dana Bedden. 

You’ll not only learn how you can work with RPS to help give your child the best opportunities available, you’ll be able to ask questions.

Potential questions for Dr. Bedden

  • How can I make sure my son or daughter gets the most out of their RPS experience?
  • How can I get access to help and advice during the school year?
  • What’s your plan for the future of schools in our area?

Superintendent (Supt) and Sandwich Forum

  • Thursday, March 24th • 12:30 – 2:00 PM
  • Mosby Community Center, 1543 Coalter Street
  • Sandwiches will be provided
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