10 Hot Food Neighborhoods Around the U.S.

We always knew that we were in the top 10 neighborhoods for food and thanks to Zagat.com, the rest of the world can know too.

Newcomers: Farmer’s market, cafe and performance venue Urban Farmhouse opened its third Richmond location in Church Hill in March 2014. It is less than a mile from The New York Times-lauded Sub Rosa Bakery, which reopened in January 2014 following a tragic fire and crowd-sourced funding effort to restore its stone mills and wood-fired ovens. It now serves Chemex brews and French pastries and hosts destination suppers at nearby farms. The nearby WPA Bakery, opened by restaurateur Kendra Feather and pastry chef David Rohrer in late 2012, shares a corner with the sleek Dutch & Company, which began serving vaguely Nordic-inspired fare and top-shelf cocktails last year. Three blocks away, Kiwi expat Neil Smith opened Proper Pie Company, a hip cafe serving New Zealand-style savory pies, in late 2012.

Neighborhood classics: In 2009, Alamo BBQ (pictured) introduced sport-coat-clad Richmonders to smoky Texas barbecue at a roadside stand near Jefferson Park. Two years later, Kendra Feather, a culinary trailblazer in both Church Hill and Richmond at large, partnered with chef Lee Gregory to open the elegant Roosevelt restaurant. Their Southern-accented spot has since earned two James Beard Award nominations.

Beyond food: Walk off all that epicurean indulgence along the James River, home to the 6.2-mile, landmark-laden Liberty Trail (‘Merica!), and a short trek from Church Hill’s restaurant row.

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